SafetyNet is an Integrated Project funded by DG-TREN of the European Commission. The objective of the project is to build the framework of a European Road Safety Observatory, which will be the primary focus for road safety data and knowledge, as specified in the Road Safety Action Plan 2003. The Observatory will support all aspects of road and vehicle safety policy development at European and national levels. It will make new proposals for common European approaches in several areas including exposure data and Safety Performance Indicators. It will extend the CARE database to incorporate the new EU Member States and will develop new fatal and in-depth accident causation databases. It will also develop new statistical methods that can be used to analyse combined macroscopic and other data.


Upon completion of the project it is expected the Observatory website will be incorporated within the Commission website.


22 institutes from 17 countries cooperate in the SafetyNet project. This project lasts for four and a half years and will be completed in 2008.


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The following table gives a brief overview of and links to relevant output of SafetyNet.





Guidelines and manuals

Other results


Risk exposure data

         State of the art report

         Risk Exposure Data Common Framework


Safety Performance Indicators

         Safety Performance Indicators: Theory

Care Accident data

         Annual Statistical Report 2007

         Main Figures

         Children (Aged <16)

         Young People (Aged 16-24)

         The Elderly (Aged >64)



         Motorcycles and Mopeds

         Car Occupants

         Heavy Goods Vehicles & Buses



         Urban Areas


Safety Performance Indicators

         Road Safety Performance Indicators: Country Profiles

Safety Performance Indicators

         SPI Manual

Care Accident data

         First classification of the EU member states on Risk and Exposure Data


Safety Performance Indicators

         Road Safety Performance Indicators: Country Comparisons


         Fatal Data Methodology Development Report

         In depth Accident Causation Data Study Methodology Development Report




Accident investigation

         Bibliographical Analysis

         Database Transparency

         Workshop report

         Recommendations for Transparent and Independent Road Accident Investigation


Statistical analysis

         Multilevel modelling and time series analysis in traffic safety research Methodology


         Multilevel modelling and time series analysis in traffic safety research Manual

         Analysis of the Fatal Accident Investigation Database

         Multivariate time series analysis of SafetyNet data

Fact sheets on road safety topics






         Novice drivers

         Older Drivers

         Cost-benefit analysis

         Post Impact care

         Road Safety Management


         Safety Ratings


         Speed Enforcement

         Pedestrians and Cyclists

         Powered Two Wheelers

         Vehicle Safety


         Work-related road safety

         Quantitative road safety targets

ERSO website




         ERSO Promotion Pack


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